What is the Immediate denture treatment process?
We start construction of the denture before the natural teeth are extracted. Our denturist will take an impression and take notes on the aesthetics of your natural teeth.
How long will a denture last?
Typical timeline 5-10 years depending on use, care, and bite strength.
How will the fit compare to my natural teeth?
Dentures are a good option when a patient loses their natural teeth. For the average patient, the transition is a natural process. No matter how good a denture fits and feels, the best denture is only 25% as good as the worst set of natural teeth.
How will the denture affect my speech and eating?
There is an adjustment period when getting new dentures. Speech will feel more natural with practice, as you learn the new position of the teeth to make phonetic sounds. Eating is probably the biggest difference patients experience. Patients will learn different ways of eating with new dentures. Smaller bites and adapting to how the dentures chew will take time to learn.
How should I clean my dentures?
The best way to clean your dentures is with dish soap and warm water, making sure to scrub all surfaces thoroughly. There are cleaners out there that help keep the teeth white and fresh. It is important to consult with your denturist about products and times to soak your dentures as some of the cleaners can be very harsh. Alternatively, diluted mouthwash can be used for soaking, or a smooth nonabrasive toothpaste can be used.
Should I take my dentures out at night?
It is best to remove your dentures at night to give your tissues time to breath and for blood to come back into the tissue. At a minimum, the dentures should be removed for an hour or two throughout the day to give the tissues a break. You should consult with your denturist if you are having any pain in the morning after not wearing your dentures to bed, to assess if there are any TMJ (jaw joint) issues.
Our clinic uses our fee guide set by the Saskatchewan denturist society every year. This fee guide is standard and is used by all denturists in Saskatchewan. Please contact us to go over costs for your specific treatment.